Fall/Winter Trends

Hey there trendsetters!

We thought it would be cool to start implementing blog posts into our Leaf agendas to kind of give you behind the scenes on all things Leaf, some fashion tips, keep y’all updated in the fashion world, and just to have a fun thing to read! If y’all ever think of things you want us to write about, just let us know!

We L O V E when y’all talk with us and share your thoughts and ideas.

First post on the blog is all about the fall/winter trends this season! We thought this was the best way to give blogging a go, because if y’all know us, we’re all about keeping up with the latest trends and fashions… BE A TRENDSETTER EVERY SEASON! –you know, our favorite motto. Not only are we going to talk about the big trends right now, but HOW you can incorporate them with OUR clothes, all things and styles with yours truly, The Leaf Boutique. Our job is to keep you trendy and fashionable, so lets. do. this.

It’s FINALLY starting to cool down, and feel like fall, but is your closet ready? New York Fashion Week happened a few weeks ago and wow the trends are endless. There’s SO much going on in the fashion world. Like a trend for every mood.. we dig it!



This trend is soooo versatile and you would think that it wouldn’t be. Immediately when you hear blazer you think work, interview, and business.  Yes, yes, and yes, but it doesn’t stop there. Throw on your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans, graphic tee, and pair it with a blazer. We promise it’s SO cute! It just works. Look like the boss babe you are, super trendy, but not too business. If you want a more sophisticated look, pair the blazer with a nicer blouse keep the jeans, or even put with a skirt or dressier pants. Now we’ll show ya how, Leaf style -->


Boss Babe Blazer 

Olive You Blazer

  1. EDGY:

Studded boots, band tees, ripped jeans, midi skirts, leather skirts, chunky sneakers, leather jackets, denim.. yes make sure you have these in your closet this season. Everything oversized and distressed with a pair of boots or sneakers is the move. && it can be pretty comfy/cute with a big t-shirt and leggings.  Make it a feminine edgy look with a pretty pink blouse and leather leggings with your studded boots.

Now we’ll show ya how, Leaf style -->


Windsor Booties

Snake Skinny Pants

Poet Blouse

Black Leather Skirt

Big Blue Parachute Pants

Bold Sneakers

  1. Jungle Vibes

You guessed it, animal print isn’t going anywhere! Don’t feel like your overdoing it with animal print, you’re not! & the good thing about animal prints is they can be as neutral as you want it or as loud and bold as you want. You can keep it all neutral colors or add a pop of color to it. It’s easy to make these pieces look different. Snakeskin, leopard, tiger, zebra, all of it is SO good and trendy.

Now we’ll show ya how, Leaf style --> 


 Anaconda Smocked Mini Dress

Venom Skirt

Nikki Slip Skirt

Out Run You Leopard Knotted Top

Jungle Vibes Pullover


  1. Neon/Jewel Tones

Yes. It’s true. Neon doesn’t just stop after summer is over, its carrying on into fall. Honestly at first I wasn’t really feelin’ neon colors coming back, but its definitely grown on me. Adding bright neon colored tops with leather skirts, or black jeans is really in this season. Stock up on all the neon sweaters & if you’re not into the neon, go with the bright pink and blue tops/sweaters. This trend also ties into statement coats. Jewel toned jackets were allllll over NYFW. A colorful, bright, & unique jacket is not only warm, but also so stylish! A pop of color is never a bad thing and gives off happy vibes on those chilly days.

Now we’ll show ya how, Leaf style -->


 Limeade Fur Jacket

Go Fight Win Bomber

Lipstick Pink Sweater

Sapphire Sweater


  1. Big Accessories & Hair Pieces

To complete every outfit you have to have some bomb accessories! Chunky jewelry is sooo popular right now. Chunky chokers, big statement earrings, and rings are so IN right now. We even have some designer dupes for ya! Beaded bandana necklaces are sooo trendy and fun to add to a plain a top to for a wow factor to your outfit. Guess what else is coming back?? Hair clips, head bands, and hair scarves! If you have some cool old headbands from years ago.. bring them out! All of these are a fun way to style your hair different and give your whole fit a different look.

Accessorize, Leaf style -->

 Bus Exclusives! DM us if you want these!

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